DM’s Aeternitatis

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+ 5 poses for Victoria 4, all with their mirrored versions
= 10 poses in total

+ 12 Materials (.mc6)
– 2 Styles for Cross Arch
– 2 Styles for Pentacle Arch
– 2 Styles for Window Arch
– Floor Reflections On/Off

+ 4 Lights (.lt2)
+ 4 Cameras (.cm2)
+ High resolution textures

Optimized for Poser 7 and above. Materials will need adjustment in DazStudio.


Ear Wraps


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    June 27, 2013

    I really would like this, but I can only get it I guess if I post in a forum first as I no longer receive my Daily 5 points. lol

    I posted this in a forum somewhere:
    I have no idea where to post this as I can’t find my way around here. I have not receiving any points for logging in for 5 days now. Why? Is it because I only have 2 points and I MUST buy points to continue receiving my daily free 5? I have also wasted points few times where there is a dead link and no downloads. I am just overall confused about the whole point system. It seems that the day since I paid the $12 for QT membership, I haven’t received ANY points. So what was the point of paying for QT if now I have to pay again to get points as I get no more daily free ones?????

    Thank you

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