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?Dive Bomber D? for Poser 4.01 and up. Not tested in DAZ Studio, Bryce or other 3D applications. In continuous effort to supply you with high quality WWII content, ThundeRRenderS commitment will surely surpass your expectations this time. With 60 texture plates for this package and 15 morphs for the Gunner alone, you know that you will be able to accomplish a lot with this model. Version 3 and version 5 are provided in this pack. You will be able to easily switch between the two by using the DUAL PURPOSE Pose presets. By selecting the aircraft figure and clicking on the thumbnail preset in the ?Pose:DIVE BOMBER D? folder, you will instantly apply the morphs/textures for either version 3 or 5. By selecting the propeller figure you will instantly apply the same version (and texture) to it. Of course, you can mix and match or manually apply the morphs through dials also. Pilot and Gunner torso and Machinegun are part of the aircraft so do not worry about parenting and moving props out of alignment. They can all be removed/posed through dials (morphs). Morph dials have limits all set between -1.000 and 1.000 so do not worry about inaccurate posing either. The model loads with 3 bombs and the propeller already parented which is another thing you don?t need to worry about. As soon as it loads it is pose-ready so go right away into the ?Pose:DIVE BOMBER D? folder and start experimenting with many presets there. The folder has 3 poses for the aircraft to speed up your posing process: FLYINFG (defaults all elements as well), DIVING and PARKED. Stationary and Spinning propeller presets are included. To highlight a few features let us mention that you can lower/raise left/right wheels independently. You can open/close dive brake flaps independently from other flaps. The left/right banking flaps motion is coordinated through morph dials. All 3 cockpit panels open/close independently.



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