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Working on a new outfit or figure and tired of fumbling around with double-clicking every dial to set limits and dial names?

Would you like to easily see which dials are hidden, have the option of unhiding them or hide your own dials for a clean and professional Poser product?

Want an easy way to create expression poses, phonemes poses, poses that only affect other user-made groups of morphs and parameter dials? How about the ability to turn them into utility poses by adding scaling or rotation values? How about the choice of creating actual Expressions (.fc2) or Poses (.pz2)?

How would you like working with a clever Selection Templates system for figures and props that allows you to save your dial selection choices for use later when you want to create a set of expression poses for the head or body of your favorite figure?

How about personalizing your morph dials, adding your own text to the front or end of External and Internal Dial names? Or changing your mind and removing that text?

These features (and MORE!) are available via Netherworks’ Dial Manager utility, a professional script that works right inside of Poser! Don’t turn down getting this great tool today… Just Turn it up, this script goes to Eleven!


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