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Despoina Hair is a gorgeous hairstyle with beautiful curls and lots of volume.

The forelocks are drawn from the forehead and tied back with a morphable butterfly-shaped ornament, and the rest of the curls fall gently onto the shoulders.

A wide variety of morphs allow the hair to be modified to simulate realistic movement and wind effects. Beautiful and detailed textures complement the hairstyle with 60 natural and fantasy colors.

Despoina Hair comes with 3 versions:

a) a conforming hair for Victoria 4,

b) a hair prop that fits Victoria 4 by default, but can be adjusted to fit other figures as well and

c) a Genesis compatible hair file that includes custom auto-following morphs.

The DAZ Studio version of the product also includes 2 sets of material presets with default and custom shiny shaders.

This long voluminous hairstyle is perfect to give your characters something out of the ordinary, a flair of drama and romance!

Compatible with DSON Importer for Poser.



HR Sandra for V4/A4
Bright Idea for V4 & G2F


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    oooh lovely 🙂
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