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“Ushered from the fiery abyss came a powerful and menacing creature, its sole purpose to reek havoc and destruction amongst the world of the unsuspecting.”
Chronicles of Dominic Sagan (Chapter 2 Parargraph 34)

The Demonecornuto, or roughly translated as Horned Demon, is a highly detailed and fully articulated original figure for Poser 6+ and DAZ Studio 2.0. All limbs come with dials to aid in movement, such as bend, twist and rotating several body joints at once. There are 24 Body Morphs, 27 Head Morphs, 10 Tongue Morphs and 11 Eye Morphs. Four highly detailed texture sets are available (Drab, Red, Brown and Black), with the main materials zones for Head, Body and Legs all using maps of 4096 x 4096 pixels.

The Horns and Teeth both have two texture variations, with the Teeth having 2 morphs to make longer either the upper or lower row.

The eyes have 13 texture options and have the same UV mapping as the Millennium 3 figures, so you can further enhance this creature with your old eye textures.

There are 6 great poses available and one reset pose.

This product requires:?pwSurface

Forest Ruin by TransPond
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