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DELTA STATION (Ships and characters in prom images are not included) Delta Station is a complete science fiction ground base. It is highly detailed (polygonal and textured) and is equally able to generate indoors and outdoors futuristic scenes. Subdivided sections allow indoor artists to take advantage of its multiple interior scenarios. Front section and rear roof section can be turned invisible for friendly interior camera handling.

Outdoor artists can also take advantage of its original futuristic looking style. Movable parts consist of a rotatory rear skydome with operable landing door, an interior lift to transport ships into the inner hangar, 8 easily detachable gun stations, double main entry gates and 3 interior gates. Delta station is downloadable in both, Poser (cr2/obj) and No Poser (obj/mtl) formats. The poser model is pre-scaled for poser figures and the subdivided parts can be rotated adjusting the dials controls in the parameters palette. Unused dials have been hidden, limits set, joints relocated and 11 pose files has been generated to control all potential translations and rotations. Included there are 8 exterior and 16 interior cameras files for easer scene capturing. Delta Station includes a set of high resolution UV textures (2048×2000) and a set of texture templates to assemble your own decals and textures. Also included there are 3 small luminance textures aimed to shine when global illumination is decreased. This produces a nice decals illumination effect. Delta Station has been tested in most of the 3D programs in the market( Poser 5+, Vue 4+, Bryce 4+, Mojoworld, 3D Max, Worldbuilder, Strata, Silo, Carrara Pro and Cinema 4D 8+. Delta Station is a great complement for any sci-fi still or animated project, whether commercial or non commercial.

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