Deformers Plus: TailorMe

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Deformers Plus: TailorMe
A universal magnet/dformer based tool for adjusting clothing and figures.
Have you ever wanted to make some small adjustments to a clothing set? add wrinkles? Fit pants over a certain pair of boots? Make the sleeves longer or shorter? Use certain clothing items together that don’t fit?
TailorMe is a tool for DS and Poser that makes all these small mesh adjustments faster and simpler. Simply select the clothing, load one of the deform clusters and use the control prop to affect a large area of the item at once.
A complete step by step tutorial for DS and Poser is included, as well as complete descriptions of all the magnet clusters included.
Poser Users – Python scripts to attach and delete magnets have been supplied in the props folder for convenience
What You Can DO with TailorMe:
Adjust sleeves and pants – flare, tightness, length
Dent Armor
Simulate simple softbody dynamics
Wrinkle clothing
Create corsetry effects
Loosen or tighten clothing
Raise and lower waists and hemlines
Whatever you can think of


Basile +Andre2.0 Perfect Body+15Mag Poses +Andre ProLightV1-Sexy
Dynamic American Flag

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