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Body control in weightless conditions is the ultimate physical challenge.

Train your new Genesis-class Cadets in the skill of zero-gravity locomotion and security. Based on techniques developed by the Vic4 and Mik4 generation of astronauts, Deep Space Action will give your cadets the skills to take personal control in deep space.

Deep Space Action will qualify Genesis cadets in all classes of starships, inter-planetary shuttles, low-grav habitations, and in extra-vehicular activities.

This 30-pose action set is ideal for all types of science fiction and outer space 3D art. The poses can be used for both interior and exterior spaceship settings.

Floating poses can be easily rotated along any axis, and leg positions changed, to create thousands of variations within a wide range of environments. As very few of the poses are grounded, they will apply to a greater variety of genesis figures with little or no tweaking.

The GIS Nova was used for the promo images of this set, but is not required for the poses. GIS Nova lights are provided courtesy of Lantios.


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