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Shakespeare once said: -How all the other passions fleet to air, as doubtful
thoughts and rash embraced despair and shuddering fear and green-eyed jealousy!-
Envy is the pain or frustration caused by another person having something that
one does not possess, either materially or inside oneself.
How many times were you surrounded by envious people?
And how many times have you felt what Aristotle defined -as the pain caused by
the good fortune of others-?

Envy is a beautiful lady that hides within her this terrible feeling. Her pale
skin has tattooed snakes that represent this vicious attitude and her eyes are
-green with envy- like the make-up on her face.
When the uncontrollable fury of this emotion explodes she suddenly transforms
into an evil creature with poisoned blood and snakes on her head, like the
sliding sin in her mind.

Included in this package you will find TWO CHARACTERS:

– INJ Morphs for both Normal and Bad Envy Girls
– REM For returning to the normal Victoria 4
– ENVY Normal girl, with high quality skin texture and make-up in easy MAT files
– ENVY Bad girl, with the poisoned skin and make-up in easy MAT files
– Smart prop of the -Snake-head-
– Five facial expressions
– Three different eye colors

Become green with Envy!

System Requirements:

Poser 5 and above
Needed Files:

V4 and Morphs++


Tyrell for M4 H4 Fr4


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    April 4, 2013

    Wow Incy, are we going to post the 7 deadly sins, lol..ummm I hate to see what gluttony looks like, lmao….

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