Deadly Edges

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An arsenal of delightfully wicked weapons to give you the ‘edge’ in any conflict!

  • The Hungamunga. A traditional African throwing weapon designed to inflict serious damage no matter how it lands.
  • The Raptor Axe. A throwing axe with the elegant grace and deadliness of a predatory bird.
  • The Circle of Death. A throwing weapon designed to be twirled on the hand like a hula-hoop, then flung. Like the Hungamunga, it’s guaranteed to do damage no matter how it strikes.
  • The Steel Orchid. Your opponent has a knife? Big deal. You’ve got?fourteen of them!
  • The WhackSaw. A modern take on the Aztec macahuitl. Flat sides for stunning and bludgeoning, sharp edges for more serious work.

The set also includes positioning poses to place the weapons in the right or left hand of V4 and M4, and hand poses for V4 and M4 for all four weapons.

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