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(This product is for Genesis in DAZ Studio only.)
Are you tired of constantly moving and repositioning your old .pp2 props, trying to fit them to your Genesis characters? Tired of shaders made for Poser that look terrible in DAZ Studio 4? Look no further!
This set of piercing props consists of 19 conforming pieces. Your Genesis characters incorporating S3/V3/M3/A3/H3, V4/M4/A4/H4, V5/M5, the Iconics, Mr. Hyde, the Troll, Hitomi, and the Universal FBMs from the basic and Evolution packs, are all completely supported, with custom morphs where customs are needed. Until this release there was no facial jewelry on the market that automatically fit Troll and Hyde, but these do. Humanoid characters are even easier to fit!
Not only that, DieTrying conversion and other custom characters are easy to fit as well with the included custom morphs! Each ring and stud can become multiple adjacent pieces by loading multiples and morphing them slightly to the sides.
The set also includes nine different metal shaders in .dsa format optimized for DAZ Studio 4. Because they are shaders, you can apply them to jewelry pieces from other sets as well for maximum intercompatibility.


FR Alva
Movie Sets, Ocean Front

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