Davo’s Citadel!

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Welcome to THE CITADEL, you will be judged……
The Citadel is a total gothic, fantasy, horror and sci-fi experience, jamb- packed with props and figures, hi-res textures, mat pose files and more.
Fantastically textured inside and out, the Citadel is a huge iron and steel structure filled with every prop and figure you will need to fulfill your ritualistic rendering needs.
The Citadel building is a very large and spacious iron and steel keep with a very unique and original design by Davo. An ominous rusted door overhang greets the damned before two huge, posable doors. The second floor sports a large spacious open floor plan with open overhead, victims are left to the elements.
There is a separate exterior grounds, front steps and building foundation pad. These may be removed for interior renders to conserve memory and render time.
In the center of the first floor, there is a pit underneath two large stone slabs. The slabs roll to the side to expose the pit. The pit also comes with a pit segment figure that can be inserted multiple times to extend the depth of the pit.
All textures are high resolution to give you the best quality renders, there is virtually no blurry texture…


Jannika D'Cords
DP The Girl 6 Carrara Shaders


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