DarkFlame Lingerie Set for V4

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This super conforming lingerie set for V4 consists of a lace teddy, corset top and lace pants. Each comes with highly detailed texture maps for dark lace and white lace at 3000 x 3000. There are also mat pose files to make the teddy and top strapless and to hide the frills on the teddy and pants allowing for a variety of styles. The promotional images were rendered with ‘4blueyes IBL Brights’light set.

System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible
Poser 4.01 and above or Daz Studio.

Product Notes

Before loading clothing make sure V4 is loaded, selected and zeroed. Turn off Inverse Kinematics select ?figure? from the ?menu bar? then ?use Inverse Kinematics? un-tick ?left leg? and ?right leg?. To zero the figure select ?window? from the ?menu bar? then ?joint editor? make sure v4?s body is selected and click ?zero figure?.

Make sure the v4 figure that you want to conform the lingerie to is selected and load the lingerie. Make sure the lingerie is selected and select ?Figure? from the ?menu bar? then ?conform to? click the drop down and select ?Victoria4? and click OK. Click ‘Figure’ again and this time click ?set figure parent? then scroll down and select Victoria4?s ?body? from the list and click ?OK?. Make sure the lingerie figure is selected and go to V4?s pose folder ?magnetize clothing? and choose the correct ‘magnetize’ for the figure. Pose Vicky and change her morphs as you wish.


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