Dark Romance

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Perhaps Prince Charming went off a bridge on his way to rescue the damsel in distress; but more likely he just wasn’t feeling up to facing off against his rival- the Dark Prince, or his savage female counterpart.

Some would say the young maiden is better off anyway, though she may be in for more than she bargained for: a night of breathless romance whether she’s planned it or not! And in the end she might find that virtue goes best with a little vice…

Dark Romance is where chivalry and dominance go hand in hand. This enormous package features 95 custom poses; including 40 couples poses for victoria and her dark prince, and 40 more for victoria under the power of a savage princess. In addition 5 solo poses are included for each the princess, the dark prince, and the savage warrioress. 55 cameras are also included, and as a special bonus the Savage Princess character INJ and REM!

One Reset Body pose is also included. This entire set works well with limits set to On OR Off.


Relaxing 2
Conquered Beauty


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