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“Dangerous lady, Betsy” is a unique custom character for V4 and A4.
Born in the backstreets of New Orleans in times gone by, Betsy learned to survive by working as a dancehall girl in underground nightclubs and cabarets.Don’t e fooled by Betsy’s sweet procelain face and curvaceous body. Betsy is truly a “Dangerous lady.”
Betsy’s unique face is sculpted from a combination of custom ZBrush head morphs combined with Daz morphs. Her exquisitely scultped head morph is designed to give you maximum render angles that look terrific under different lighting conditions. Another benefit of her light skin is how it responds to light. You will get a clean render using various colors and angles of your favorite light sets.
Betsy’s’ ‘Dagerous Lady” body is a splendid, sculpted fantasy body perfect for both fantasy and pinup art. Her body is strong, voluptuous and fit.

Included in the set are:
1 Custom Betsy Head INJ and REM
1 Betsy body INJ and REM V4.2
1 Betsy head texture
1 Betsy basic body texture
8 Eye color options
6 makeup Options
6 lip color options

The Dangerous Lady Body:
uses the “Daz chest size morph”.
Because this morph is not included in a lot of other clothes I have included an inj and rem pose so you can remove it if other clothes do not fit her properly.

Character Mat files are in both Mat and Poser 5 shader format.


Corset in “New Orleans Chic” set (not included in this set)
For Default Dangerous Lady Morph (which includes chest size)
1) Conform to V4
2) Set dial “!1 DangerousNC” to 1
3) Next Set dial “! DangerousAddChest” to approximately 1

For Dangerous Lady Morph without includes chest size
1) Conform to V4
2) Set dial “!1 DangerousNC” to 1


Grass-pack 01
Beach Time K4


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