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Included in this Package:

Morphs & Mat Poses:
Damiana Head INJ/REM
Damiana Body INJ/REM
1 Default Full Body Mat
4 Tattoo Mats
4 Second Skin Mats (With & Without Tattoos)
11 Makeup Mats
Makeup Off Mat
8 Eye Mats
2 Lash Trans Mats
8 Nail Mats

1 Default Head Map
11 Makeup Head Maps
1 Default Torso Map
1 Tattoo Torso Map
4 Second Skin Torso Maps
1 Default Limbs Map
3 Tattoo Limbs Maps
2 Second Skin Limbs Maps
8 Eye Textures
2 Lash Trans Maps
8 Nail Maps
1 Teeth Gum Map
Bump Maps: Head, Torso, Limbs, Second Skin Torsos and Limbs, Teeth & Gums
Spec Maps: Head, Torso and Limbs

3DF_Viviana V4

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