D3D Perfect Tan Line DS – V4/A4/G4

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Perfect Tan Line is a DAZ Studio script to add tan lines to Victoria 4, Aiko 4, and The Girl 4. Use one of the included 6 bikinis, 2 shorts and tops, 3 swimsuits, or apply your own mask image as tan line.

For the included maps, you can even combine the bottom and top part or use only one of them. The user interface of the script is simple. It consists of image buttons with the tan-lines and color selections to modify the tanned and untanned skin.

* If you also have D3D Perfect Tan Line DS – Sexy V4, the tan line maps for both products are displayed in a single interface and bottoms and tops can be combined from both sets.
* Because the maps were made for Victoria 4, the shape of the tan lines may differ a bit when using morphs like Aiko 4 or The Girl 4.
* The script creates layered images. You don’t need Layered Image Editor to use this product, but you need it if you want to modify the created layered images.

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