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Here comes the future… or at least future fashion.
Cy-Atletik is a futuristic, cyberpunk suit made with high-tech materials, stylish design, essential and super detailed textures, strong, contrasting colors and wavy lines.

Style is everything in a cyberpunk world, with your clothes you show what you are, what you do and what you aim for… and Victoria 4 wearing Cy-Atletik shows herself to be a self-aware, dynamic and stylish young woman.
The Cy-Atletik set has a cyberpunk and sporty essence to it. It is composed of a short top, long trouser and sporty shoes. It comes with three very detailed and unique texture sets:

– Cy-Atletik: essential yet futuristic in flavour
– Circuits: a complex mix of circuits and organic-like gum
– Sporty: being dynamic is a must to keep up with the times!

While this is an outfit that speaks of years to come it can also be used for everyday/contemporary settings where you need something stylish and comfortable!

Included are several fittings for popular V4 body morphs and many partial body morphs.
Enjoy your style – future proof!

Old Forge
Forest Ruin by TransPond


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