CS Raptoid Armor

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This rugged set of protective gear is custom made for the Raptoid physique. Form fitting and able to match the fluid movement of the warrior?s body, this set comes with two radically different styles.

One version is designed to fit in with your fantasy world of dragons, elves, trolls and damsels in distress. It is forged from dark steel and enchanted with runes that match the Raptoid sword, powerful mojo indeed. The hide straps bind it all together. Battle damage is evident, but this armor is good to go.

The second version is pure science fiction adventure. This high tech, stealthy gear is designed to be at home in your futuristic world of space ships, aliens, cyber spies and femme fatales. The rubberized plating can deflect most projectiles. The built in energy shielding, which shines in direct light, can reflect most energy weapon fire.

You get three new CR2s, which include two pre-outfitted Raptoids (CS Raptoid sold separately) ? Fantasy and SciFi. This means one click setup of your characters for getting right into the fun.

Required Products
CS Raptoid


Raptoid Weapons and Poses
CS Raptoid 50 Pose Pack


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