Crypt of the Damned

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The Crypt of the Damned is a malefic place perfect for your Horror scene, or for Halloween, Dark magic fantasy, Devils, Vampires etc.. This product includes a figure/prop and a light set for both DAZ Studio and Poser. The Crypt has several parts (independent bones), for example the demon statues, the tomb, the top tomb, the columns etc… Any of these parts can be hidden, translated, rotated or scaled depending on your specific needs. For example you can open the tomb by sliding and/or rotating its subpart named “top tomb”. The light sets provided are the basic ones that I used on the promo images, except for a few tweaks I made depending on the camera angle.

For DAZ Studio users, I also provided a “ready to render” scene subset that allow you to load everything, including lights and a camera in a single click .


Vampire Chapel
NFXstudios Summer Camp

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