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This product is for Poser Only. Running tears, streaming tears, soft tears or a single tear about to fall. How often have you wanted tears in your render without a ton of post work?

Whether you are using M4, V4 or the Kids, Crying Time is the 1-Click answer to all your crying needs. Crying Time not only includes five different kinds of tears for each of the Gen 4s, with displacement maps, but fifteen crying expressions (five each), a ?swollen eyes? morph for each figure, and presets to redden the sclera.

That?s a total of thirty nine different presets that put tears of sadness, rage, frustration or just plain kiddie tantrums within easy reach of Poser users for any generation 4 figure or morph.


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    July 8, 2013

    im snagging this before i go…thank you Carla

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    July 8, 2013

    Is this a updated version? – the original one doesn’t work in Poser 9 / 2012 Pro or higher cause the python script isn’t compatible…

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