Crusader knights for Mike 3

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Textures for the RDNA tabard for the crusader orders: Hospitallers, Hospitallers of St.John, Hospitaller of St. Lazare de Jerusalem, Templars and Teutonic knights. Three of these come with a latin cross and a malteser cross, making nine different textures.

The Teutonic knight comes with black cross, or black-yellow eagle cross.
There are 3 matching cloaks for the Daz Hooded cloak, the black for the hospitaller, the red for the hospitaller of Saint John and the white for the other orders. There is a matpose file for the hood on or hood off.
The chainmail texture is for the M3 tunic pack.

Product Requirements:
Hooded cloak
M3 Tunic Pack
Medieval Tabard for Michael 3


Dark Armor for M3
Barbarian Outfit for M3

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