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All details in these crown circlets are carefully sculpted in 3D (they not textures, they are modeled), so you can render them from any point of view and get perfect renders.

These props are for Victoria 4, but can be used with another figure (example: Genesis) using the scale and translate dials to put them in their heads.

This Pack includes:

– 5 Crown Circlets props of different shapes: Celtic, Elven, Princess, Valkyrie, and Warrior

– Celtic Crown Circlet: features carefully 3d modeled Celtic signs in 4 possible appearances: black and gold, black and silver, green and gold, and blue and silver

– Elven Crown Circlet: 3d modeled leaves with central mounted jewel, in gold with red jewel and silver with green jewel

– Princess Crown Circlet: 3d modeled complex threaded crown design with 3 jewels. You can choose gold or silver for the metals, and black, blue or red for the jewels. You can also hide the jewels for a simpler look

– Valkyrie Crown Circlet: Carefully crafted wings on the sides of an epic crown circlet with a big jewel. You can choose bronze, gold, or silver for the metals, and red, tiger’s eye, or turquoise for the jewel.
You can also use the 6 included morphs to shape and adjust the crown to different hair models or to slightly change its appearance

– Warrior Crown Circlet: The classical warrior crown circlet with triple jewels in 3 possible finishes: black leather, brown leather, and rusty metal

– Render settings and instructions in JPG to enter them for Poser and Daz Studio

Complete list of morphs of the Valkyrie crown: Wings_To_Front, Separate_Lower, Separate_Middle, Front_Adjust, Wider, JewelWidthLessMore

Poser 6 and up, or DS3 and up.
These props are for DAZ’s Victoria 4.
PC Compatible. Not tested in Mac.


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