Creatura-The Black Widow for V4

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Cringe in terror as the most fearsome creature crawls into your runtime. The black widow is considered one of the deadliest spiders on Earth, and her half-human counterpart is no less deadly. Creatura transforms Victoria 4 into a fearsome spinner of webs, a chilling combination of human and spider. This set features a fully articulated spider body that conforms perfectly to Victoria 4, a hide pose to hide V4’s legs to prepare her for the spider body, and vicious claws that fit perfectly over her fingernails. Each one of the spider body’s eight long legs is poseable; a default pose allows you to bend all the legs at once to make posing easy. The spider body also has features a retractable silk-strand so she can hang from her web with ease. Create the dream spider of your nightmares with a wide variety of customization options. The spider body supports morphs from Victoria 4’s Morphs++ package, along with creature morphs from the V4 creature packs. Two texture sets contain full body textures for both V4 and the BlackWidow body, complete with color, displacement and specular maps. Both Poser and DAZ Studio material poses are included, so Creatura works anywhere you do. What’s that crawling sound? She awaits you….

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