Creatura Serpenta V4

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Creatura Serpenta is ready to slither into your run time. She comes with a tail comprised of 45 body parts for smooth bending, but never fear, posing is a breeze with its comprehensive set of Easypose dials. The tail also contains a full complement of full body morphs to match those in the morphs ++ Pack as well as the Creature Creator Pack.

She also comes with the Creatura Claws, and two vibrant texture packages with corresponding full body textures for V4, the Tail and the claws. The first is the rattlesnake. This is matched with a Rattle morph for the tail. The second texture is the vibrant coral snake with its Black, Gold, and Red stripes.

A friend sent this to me for my bday, so I’m sharing 😀
It works quite nicely with Genesis if you don’t autofit, just parent it to the hip


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    December 14, 2012

    Great contribution. Chillingly beautiful. Thank you very much.

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