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Creator’s ToyBox is a Merchant Resource and a powerful aide for anyone that enjoys creating Poser content!

Let the Creator’s ToyBox be your Content Creation Assistant! Correct and optimize files for distribution, freshing up old content or even convert DSON content to work natively in Poser! Breeze through PMD Morph Injection creation and create a Development version of any figure for morph and clothing purposes. Make lists of your work for insertion in a readme or create inventories of anything on your harddrive, with customized output features. Manage Addons, Scale OBJ Files and much more! Spend more time enjoying your passion for content creation and less time correcting and hacking up Poser files.

Updated to Version 1.10! Compression Support, Explicit Positioning, Favorite Folders for Optimizer, Better Integration into Poser and much more!

Optimize Poser files for distribution, correcting common issues and applying performance tweaks.
Clean and Repair OBJ files exported from Poser – Remove redundancies and dependencies, fix numbered groups and materials… and more.
Apply Specialized Tweaks, such as conversion of DSON items saved to the Poser Library, Adding Simple Hand and Foot IK, Setting Default Display Style and Render Properties.
Perfect conversion of Genesis and DSON items is not guaranteed. However, tutorials are included. Requires DSON for Poser in working order. DAZ Studio 4.6+ installed and working is required for exporting figures with alternative UVs.
Create Custom Lists for your products, freebies or nearly anything else on your hard drive.
Easily Scale OBJs up or down in (world) size for use in other software.
Quickly create PMD Injection Poses for Figures, including INJ and REM poses, companion dial settings, dial groups and dial hiding poses.
Creates PMD files and their injections from a selected Figure in the scene. Intended to be used with “Blank” or “Dev” Figures and your own custom morphs. Does not support old Community Channels/Slots. Does not support EXP. Does not generate MOR files. You are in control of all the options.
Manage Poser’s Add-ons easily, turning them on or off as needed.
Disabling or Enabling Addons requires a restart of Poser.
All Core Tools are accessed via the Scripts Menu or a custom Pop-up Menu in Poser’s Python Scripts Palette. Palette Pop-Up acts like an extension to the Scripts Palette.
The bonus tool, Runtime Rodent, was previously available as a freebie at Runtime DNA. It can be used to organize the order of your runtimes and toggle them on and off. It is a WINDOWS only tool due to scripting limitations.

What’s Included & Features

Tools (.cr2)
Addon Manager
A tool for quickly enabling and disabling scripts that use the Poser Addonspecification.
File Optimizer
A full featured application for optimizing, tweaking and correcting Poser Library files, scenes and OBJ files.
Can attempt to make Genesis 1 and 2 files “Poser Ready”. Not intended for Genesis 3 files.
Best practice is to export a cr2 file from DAZ Studio, then use File Optimizer to clean that file.
Mister Lister
A tool for making product lists, listing the contents of your Runtime or listing anyarea of your hard drive, like image or music collections. Fully customizable.
OBJ Scale Toy
A simply but clever tool for Scaling OBJ files. Many features that free tools lack.
PMD Pose Express
A tool for easily building PMD morph Injection and Removal Poses. Includesthe ability to build companion dial settings, dial groups, dial hide and material poses. It can alsoproduce slim Blank developer files for morph and clothing creation from any Poser figure.
Runtime Rodent (Bonus-Requires XP or higher – does not work on MAC).
Organize your Runtime with ease.
Comprehensive pdf Guide

If your copy of Poser or Poser Pro is installed in Program Files (Windows OS) or otherwise protected by sandboxing software, you will need to run Poser/Poser Pro with Administrator privileges in order for most of these tools to work.


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