Cover Girl Veronica + Retro Sci Fi Clothing Set

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Cover Girl Veronica is a character set for V4 that also includes a?complete Retro Sci Fi Clothing Set. Influenced by the days of Barbarella where super hero women were sensual and sexy emerges Cover Girl Veronica. Swathed in latex, leather and fishnet, Veronica is ready to go undercover to get the job done.

Veronica comes with 2 unique body shapes all in 1 inject. Slim and sensual or fit and toned to be used with the Daz muscle morphs. Simply inject the Daz muscle morphs before you apply the body inject and it will set Veronica’s toned body.

Don’t have the Daz muscle morph set? No problem. Apply the body inject and you will have the slim and sensual body. You can see the body shape differences in the promo images below.

Veronica’s leotard has a sexy peek a boo top that barely covers her nipples. It also has a ?cover breast? morph and an ?uncover breast morph?.



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