Coquine Clothing & Boots V4, A4 & G4

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In French, Coquine means naughty or risque. If you are looking for European hotness, look no further. Coquine has everything you are looking for. Coquine is a fabulous outfit to use with your favorite V4, A4, or G4 characters.

It’s a very versatile package that can be used within any number of contemporary themes including gaming, fantasy victress, etc. Coquin Jacket (.obj and .cr2) Coquin Boots, Left and Right (.obj and .cr2) Coquin Thong (.obj and .cr2) Coquine Hat (.obj and .pp2) There are two texture sets included for the outfit, black leather pattern and red leather with black accents. The strappy boots include one extra texture for full red. Mat poses to apply each texture are included. Metal deco on all pieces can be rendered in silver or gold.


FASHIONWAVE Singles: Demi V4/A4/G4
Priestess of the Sun

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