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A new pack of the sexiest jewelry that beautifies one of the most gorgeous and sensual parts of the body, a wonderful detail that will take your renders to a new artistic level. A must-have!

We have studied deeply what we needed to do this product as versatile as possible, and we have designed a jewelry pack that can we used on ANY figure for Poser or Daz Studio.

Then, we carefully studied how to make it as easier as possible, and added swing morphs and dials to move and pose so it always can look fantastic at every render, in every figure, character or pose.

You just need a poser figure that has a hip part (99% of them have it: V4, M4, Dawn, Victoria 6, Genesis2, Genesis, Jessy, Anastasia…)

This Pack includes:

– 6 props of Cool Belly Rings that can be used in ANY figure
– Put them in 3 easy steps, that are written in info thumbnails so you will always have the instructions at hand

– The belly rings appear in the default position of the navel of V4, and follow the hip movement so they are always at the location of your figure, no matter what figure you’re using

– Now to adjust them to ANY figure or a morphed character or pose, just 3 easy steps:
– First: use the xtran, ytran, and ztran dials to place the belly ring with precision in the navel
– Second: use the Turn, Side-Side, and FrontBack dials to give the right inclination to the belly ring
– Third: use the swing morphs to make the belly ring fall naturally or give it movement

– All the belly rings have the same controls, and the same morphs to simulate movement, gravity and be able to adapt it to any pose of any figure and any body shape

– You can use the swing morphs also on animations, to make the bely ring swing to left and right alternatively as your figure walks

– Icons for zeroing translations, rotations, morphs, or to zero all. These make posing and adjustment of the belly rings faster when changing of pose

– Daz Studio shaders auto-load for DS 3 and up
– Instructions in JPG so you can get the best of this product
– Render settings and instructions in JPG to enter them for Poser and Daz Studio


– Cheryl: An all-purpose belly ring that can fit any theme and character, fantasy or casual, as Cheryl is the most versatile belly ring. In gold, silver, two golds, and two silvers

– Cocktail: When your girls go out in the city, the Cocktail belly ring easily attracts all the looks. A fun and sexy jewel! In silver, pink, blue, red, purple, and gold

– Dreamcatcher: An amazingly detailed belly ring were every piece is sculpted carefully as you deserve. The dreamcatcher will protect your good dreams. In gold or silver, and jewel combinations in blue-black, crystal-green, crystal-turquoise, pink, and red

– Flying Heart: The heart of an angel, an angel touched your soul. With two hanging jewels. In gold and silver, and black, pink, red, or white jewels

– Semiramis: Exotic and ellaborate, Semiramis is a fantasy jewel that looks fantastic on any theme and situation, giving a sensual complex detail to your renders. In gold and silver, and jewel combinations in blue-black, orange-green, purple-pink, and red

– Two Roses: The delicate and romantic touch that your characters need, which will beautify all your scenes. Four designs in blue, red, black-pink, and crystal-pink

Poser 6 and up, or DS3 and up.
These props work on any human figure.
PC and Mac compatible.

Complete list of morphs: (in all of them) Front_Swing, Rear_Swing, L_Swing, R_Swing


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