Conquered Beauty

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With the battlefield behind them, the conquering hero and triumphant heroine stand poised to claim the spoils of victory! With breathless submission their beautiful captive yields to her new masters…

Conquered Beauty is a massive poses package comprised of 80 articulated poses and 50 cameras, 60 poses for couples and 20 solo poses. Watch as the classic scenario unfolds, the victor taking charge of his prize and the dark heroine laying claim to her own. The cameras add dramatic effect as the story unfolds with 30 poses depicting M4 exerting his authority over his female captive, and 30 poses for V4 doing the same. In addition there are 5 conqueror solo poses for M4, 5 victorious poses for V4, and 10 poses for the slave girl.

Recall the days of ancient kingdoms, powerful warriors, and ravishing slave girls with Conquered Beauty!


Dark Romance
DM Night Fever


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