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There are a lot of Stars in 3D Land. Here are the Co-Stars, the little people, the ones in the background, part of the crowd.Commoner Co-Star Lee is a workingman?s pose set featuring the Lee character. He is hard at work as a Porter, Laborer, Servant, Spy, and Merchant. Where would the Upper Classes be without the salt of the earth? These are the poses to populate your backgrounds and give them more energy and realism. Who knows? They may steal the show.Along with the 32 action poses there are 27 lower body partial poses for adding variations.Two pole props are included. See the ReadMe.pdf.These action poses can also accommodate workers worldwide, in any century. Designed for the Lee body and scaling, these actions can also work with other Genesis 2 figures with slight tweaking. Do not delay. Put Lee to work and get the job done right.

Commoner Co-Star Lee: (.DUF)
Bowing Kneeling
Bowing Low
Bowing Merchant
Carrying Box-Chest
Carrying Jug
Carrying Lantern
Carrying Pails
Carrying Pole-Pails
Carrying Tools
Carrying Trunk Left
Carrying Trunk Right
Defending Cargo
Denying Responsibility
Drinking Sake
Gong Ringer 1
Gong Ringer 2
Gong Ringer 3
Merchant Haggling
Rolling Barrel
Sanxian Player
Servant Eavesdropping
Servant Spying
Shading the Lady
Sweeping Up
Waiting to Go
Co-Star Lee Partials: (.DUF)
0 Hand Pole Loader L6
Bow Merchant-L6 Part
Bow Plead-L6 Part
Carry Box-L6 Part
Carry Jug L6 Part
Carry Lantern-L6 Part
Carry Pails-L6 Part
Carry Pole Pails-L6 Part
Carry Tools-L6 Part
Carry Trunk Mdl-L6 Part
Defend Cargo-L6 Part
Denying-L6 Part
Drinking-L6 part
Eavesdropping-L6 Part
Gong Ringer 1-L6 Part
Haggling-L6 Part
Kneeling-L6 Part
Leaning-L6 Part
Play Sanxian-L6 Part
Raking-L6 Part
Rolling-L6 Part
Serving-Kneeling-L6 part
Shading-L6 Part
Sleeping-L6 Part
Spying-L6 Part
Sweeping-L6 Part
Waiting-L6 Part
Props: (.DUF)
Carry Pole
Shovel-Rake Pole


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