Combat Medic Action

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Now you can rescue M3 and revive him from all his many battle wounds by cyber-bullets and virtual blades. Get your soldiers back on their feet!
10 interactive figure sets/20 poses for medics rescuing and treating casualties of war. Includes one set for CPR and one for mouth-to-mouth respiration.
10 single poses of casualties.
5 poses for the Content Paradise DWC54 Ambulance by Vanishing Point. Includes driver with upper an lower bunk casualty poses, one default ambulance pose, and one for a defender. Stretcher smart prop for stretcher bearer pose set is included.
Poses will also work for medics of other historical eras with some tweaking of weapons hands.
4 hand poses for the Desert Soldier M-16 rifle, canteen, Desert Eagle pistol, and a generic grip for an AK-47
PDF file for showing a quick and easy way to smart-prop the DAZ Desert Soldier M-16 rifle, canteen, and Desert Eagle pistol to M3.
No figures, props, textures, hair, or other props are included.


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