Collective3d Create A Room XPack 2

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The second Create a Room XPack is here, with a ton of new content for your environmental kitbashing needs!

Collective3d Create a Room XPack 2 focuses largely on pieces for creating basements, unfinished rooms, and industrial-commercial areas. Featuring new block, brick, and wood framed walls, Create a Room XPack 2 allows you to easily create your own even larger variety of quick and detailed environments.

Included with Create a Room XPack 2 are 4 new walls with a total of 4 textures each; 7 wood frame walls with combinations of doors and windows and presets for new construction, aged lumber, dirty windows, removed plywood, and more; entry and passage doors with frames as separate components that you can place inside the framed walls, each with 3 color textures; a timber beam that can be used to join two walls together end to end and hide the seam; a wood framed ceiling with new and aged textures; a patch of detailed grass that can be placed outside basement windows or even on the ground for closeup shots; a new bare bulb light fixture that can be turned on and off; and a new plywood floor and a concrete texture for the original floor.

With the second XPack, Create a Room can now be used to create more new and interesting environments than ever! Simply load your floor, whichever walls you want, in preset positions, choose your trim and colors, add a ceiling, and you’re ready to light and render! The folder structure is set up logically and provides easy access to just the parts you need!

Requires Collective3d Create a Room Base Set and Collective3d Create a Room XPack 1.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

Required: Link to post:
Collective3d Create a Room Base Set
Collective3d Create a Room XPack 1


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Ancient Room
Collective3d Create a Room XPack 1

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