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To complete my Coffee Break ‘Pose’ series, I’ve merged my first two sets into one; thereby creating a single set of over 250 original poses and their reverse, totaling over 500 poses! That’s a lot of poses people! Frustrated with unrealistic, overly active, heroic poses, I wanted to give people a break. My first set; Coffee Break was all ‘seated’ poses and Coffee Break 2 was all ‘standing’ poses. Coffee Break 3 is the combination of these earlier pose sets and more! *Originally, I had Bonus samples poses within sets 1 and 2, but now because they would be doubles, I’ve added 18 NEW poses along with their reversals, totaling 36 poses! And just to make it fair to those who purchased sets 1&2, I decided to put these out as “freebies”. Feel free to try them…then buy them!? My hope is that, if people like the “freebies” they will consider buying one of my “Coffee Break” sets at RENDEROSITY too. This set is a major M4/V4 resource for your runtime for when you need quick everyday people in your scenes. Included: 120 original Seated poses, (60 M4/60 V4) 120 reversed Seatedposes, (60 M4/60 V4) 2 zero poses 120 original Standing poses, (60 M4/60 V4) 120 reversed Standing poses, (60 M4/60 V4) 18 *BONUS Standing poses, (9 M4,9 V4) 18 reversed Standing poses, (9 M4, 9 V4) 2 zero poses

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