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Are you an owner of DAZ’ wonderful Stephanie 4 figure and would like an easy way to get the extra Sculpting and nearly all of Body Morphs into clothing??Look no further! The?Clothing MorphKit for Steph 4 – Complete?is now available as an add-on to our popular?‘Clothing MorphKit for Victoria 4’.?It features very precise magnet sets done with considerable care and attention to detail. In some cases, slight adjustments may need to be made. Each magnet is labeled according to the area in which it is deforming.?Poser Scripts are also included to adjust friendly Body Dial Names and to ‘inject’ Proportion Scales into clothing.?Includes the ability to add the essential S4 morphs (Stephanie, Grace, Caitlyn, Isabelle) and many additional body and shaping morphs (pro)!

Magnet Sets to replicate many of Stephanie 4’s Sculpting and Body Morphs in clothing.
Morphs Replicated:
Full Body Morphs: Stephanie, Grace, Caitlyn, Isabelle, Ella, Lily, Madeline, Natalie, Paige.
Upper Torso Morphs: NeckSmooth, RibCageContour, RibCageLowerDepth, RibCageSmooth, RibCageVolume, ShldrBladeDepth, ShouldersDepth.
Arms Morphs: ForeArmsContour, UpperArmsContour.
Breast Morphs: BreastVolume, ChestDepth.
Lower Torso Morphs: LowerBackDepth, LowerObliqueDepth, PubicDepth, SmoothAbdomenLower, WaistOuterContour.
Glute Morphs: GluteLowerDepth, GluteSmoothed, GluteUpperDepth.
Leg Morphs: KneeWidth, ThighFrontContour, ThighInnerContour, ThighOuterContour.
Suitable for Poser 6 or higher. DAZ Studio 2.3 or higher.
Additional script to allow easy renaming of spawned Body Morphs. (Poser 7 or higher, python limitation in Poser 6).
Additional script to automatically add (or ‘inject’) Proportion Scales into Clothing. Not required if clothing is to be used ONLY in DAZ Studio or Poser 8/Pro 2010.

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Clothing MorphKit for Victoria 4


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