Cloisonne for Druid Wings

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Druid Wings – 32 MAT pose files
Complete Wings – 16
Feathers Only – 16


111 Texture Maps
011 Bump/Specular/Ambient/Displacement Maps
002 TRANSparency Maps
007 Reflection Maps

32 MAT Pose files

Dryads, allow your spindly arms to embrace crystal pearls
A lovely, flighted maiden rests – guard her with twisted curls.
Soothing mists with rising crests recall lost fleet of spawn;
the winged race, reptillian pests sing, lullabye the dawn.
Time soon forgets, the hour swirls upon a shim’ring lawn
Freckled by mushrooms hiding till all mortal faces gone.
And true, time sleeps but biding while fate’s shining knight comes riding
As the vestel stays, sweet chiding fairied frogs who speak light charms.
~~ Earth’s Song by Emily Wunder

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Druid Wings


B Mine for V4/A4/G4/Elite
SV7 Evan

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