CLASSY: Cover Photo Light Set & Vignette

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Good lighting in 3D requires specificity. It requires a light set to be specifically tailored to every scene, every character, and even every pose. The best artists are aware of this secret, and spend much time tweaking their light, over and over, as a scene unfolds. If the character moves just slightly, chances are the lighting will need to adjust accordingly.

Enter the CLASSY Cover Photo Light Set. Here we have a light set uniquely tailored to a specific scene, i.e., a character sitting in a chair. Every aspect of this light set is honed to produce the most eye-pleasing and popping renders for any character in a sitting position. The specificity of this scene allows the best lighting possible, producing the most realistic and professional looking results. Ideal for cover photos, vanity shots, dramatic portraits, and eye catching pinups.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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