Classic Swimwear Genesis

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The Classic Swimwear for Genesis comprises both a one-piece bathing suit and a tie-front sarong. Its modest yet elegant design is appropriate for adults of all ages and life stages as well as children and teens.

The sarong itself comes with numerous extra morphs, including optional JCM so that you can apply just the right amount of bend adjustment; as with all SickleYield products, the aim is to put the maximum amount of control in the hands of the user. It can be floated and blown about, and even has adjustors for lying down. The suit can be restyled with higher sides or thinner straps, and it has its own leg adjustors as well.

The textures have displacement and accurate specular options, so you can show your suits wet, dry and wrinkled and your characters in or out of the water. There are translucent and opaque versions of the colorful florals for the sarong.

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