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Looking for (and not finding) a Rocking Chair model, I decided to make one myself, so here it is: “Classic Rock” Enhance any Environment with this Classically Styled, Wooden Rocking Chair. Whether it be in a fireside scene, on the porch, in the bedroom, kitchen, study, or even on a Starship Cruiser, it’s the perfect reminder of home. With Eight material choices to cover your needs, it?s a piece of furniture that won?t be out of place in any environment. So, let your character Relax, Chill-out and Rock-Away to a world of dreams and distant thoughts. This model also boasts a ?truly realistic? rocking motion and comes with two Animate2 Blocks for the chair to help you get started. And, because my generosity knows no bounds, I?ve also included a basic Vase with four materials, as seen in some of the Promo Images; together with a selection of poses for Genesis (M5 & V4), Michael 4 and Victoria 4.


Aspire V4/A4/G4/S4
Tachi for V4


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    February 17, 2013

    wtf! heheheee (second image) heheheeeeee this hair 😀
    thanks Blazer

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