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Classic Bikini (Hexagon and DAZ Studio 4 Pro Video Tutorial)

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This set shows how to create a garment from scratch. You’ll make a garment for the Genesis Female then go on to set it up for use in DAZ Studio 4.

In over three hours of video tutorials you’ll learn how to create a cool bikini with some neat details. As well as learning some neat tricks to get a good mesh with the proper polygon flow.

In the modelling sections you will learn about:

  • Polygon Modelling;
  • Subdivision;
  • Edges;
  • Changing the flow of polygons;
  • Piping Putting eyelets into the mesh;
  • UVMapping; and
  • Materials

Then it’s into DAZ Studio 4 Pro where you’ll set up your garment for Genesis, exploring how to fit a garment modeled on a Genesis shape instead of the base Genesis. Then going on to fix up an morph auto generated by DAZ Studio. You’ll export the geometry, fix it up, then use it to replace the morph in DAZ Studio. Once all that is done you’ll finish off the garment by adding subd and smoothing.


Club Dress
Red Raven

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