Chopper Bike Custom Parts

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FishTailMuffler.pp2 FishTailMuffler.rsr
FrontTire.pp2 FrontTire.rsr
FrontWireWheel.pp2 FrontWireWheel.rsr
Headlight 4.pp2 Headlight 4.rsr
Long Sheet.pp2 Long Sheet.rsr
LongForks.pp2 LongForks.rsr
PeanutTank.pp2 PeanutTank.rsr
PowerFilter.pp2 PowerFilter.rsr
RiserHandle.pp2 RiserHandle.rsr
SheetBar&R Fender.pp2 SheetBar&R Fender.rsr

Poser:Runtime:libraries:props: A favorite holder

FrontTire21Bum.bum Headlight3.jpg
MetalChrome.jpg PowerFilterTr.bmp

placed in

Poser:Runtime:libraries:Textures: A favorite holder

When each is moved to its folder/directory it is ready to be enjoyed.


M4 H4 Merchant Resource
Fishing Props

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