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‘Chimera, who breathed raging fire, a creature fearful, great, swift-footed and strong, who had three heads, one of a grim-eyed lion; in her hinderpart, a dragon; and in her middle, a goat, breathing forth a fearful blast of blazing fire.

Her did Pegasus and noble Bellerophon slay.’ – Hesiod, ‘Theogony’ Lest ye be taken unawares, honored travelers, let it be known that a fearsome chimera doth roam these regions. An abomination of nature spawned by some unknown dark force, combining the appetite of a goat, the savagery of a great cat, and the sheer power of a dragon, it has feasted upon the unwary for ages. If you hear the uncanny cry of the beast, beware, lest ye be lost forever!



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