Character Randomizer for M4

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This product creates totally random characters using Michael 4 and the Michael 4 Morphs++ add-on. Using scientifically defined male body types and character profiles, this product randomly selects body shape and weight.
Face shape is intelligently randomly generated taking into account the body shape and weight. The randomization scripts don’t just randomize all the dials, they are intelligent and use researched logic to create full characters that are believable while still being randomly unique every time.

Textured details like skin tone, freckle density, stubble and eye color are also selected and tweaked randomly. With one click, you get a totally unique character every time!

Script Poses are included for randomizing All features, or Body, Head, Eye Color and Skin Texture/Tone individually. This enables you to tweak elements eg. if you have created a nice face but would like to generate a new random body shape, it’s only a click away.

Addition poses are included to remove skin tone completely and manually select freckle density.

Character Randomizer for K4

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