Channing’s Beefcake for M4/H4 Volume 1

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In most of these vintage physique magazines, the models wore a posing strap, essentially a men’s g-string. The posing strap included with this set is a conforming figure for M4, and includes 41 body morphs for M4

Due to the many body type variations and poses possible with M4, 14 adjustment morphs are also included to reposition the pouch and string to better fit to the current body shape and pose.
Additionally, the posing strap includes 18 Expansion morphs including wrinkles, string adjustment, pouch adjustment, and packages morphs to expand on the flexibility of this conforming figure.

Typically, the posing strap was a very simple fabric, and since most of the photos were in black and white, the posing straps appeared as shades of gray. However, Beefcake for M4 One includes 18 DS materials and 18 Poser MAT poses and 18 Poser Material files. Poser and DS files are optimized for each program.

Most beefcake photos used various props to tell a story or provide visual excitement to the image. Beefcake for M4/H4 One includes a posing dais (large block) prop with a drapery prop smart-propped to it. Each prop has 3 DS and Poser materials optimized for each program. Four light sets and three camera presets are included for both Poser and DS.

Finally, the set includes 25 poses for M4 in the vintage beefcake style, with a mixture of solo and with dais poses.


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