Chains & Ropes Dressing Bundle (V4.2 Elite,Aiko4)

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Chains & Ropes Dressing (V4.2 Elite,Aiko4)

* 10 Special Designed figures (3 of them is a Variations of the Stocking)
* Victoria 4.2, Elite, Muscle and Aiko 4 morphs are included as usual.
* Hand made morph designs for best realistic look.
* Gravity control for side skirts. (When you bend the Victoria 4left or right side, Side Skirt automatically changes shape. (Body, hip and thighs)
* Super realistic 224 HIRES MAT poses incuded in Full set (Packages have approx 120 MAT poses. 70 Mats for the Stocking)
* New Python Loader System for Poser
* MAgnet controlled joints for relistic movements.
* DAZ Studio figure set (No mat pose support)


Anatomically Correct Evolution: TRINITY
VH Sapphire


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