CBR-SuperBlackbird Motorcycle

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A 3D-figure of a Motorcycle look a little bit like a CBR-1100XX
by Honda for Poser, Daz-Studio , Cinema4D R12+ and 3DS-Max 2012+

– CBR1100XX-Motorcyle-Figure for Poser and Daz-Studio
– Poser-Materials (motorcycle-color:black,grey,red,blue,white,yellow,orange)
– DS-Materials (motorcycle-color:black,grey,red,blue,white,yellow,orange)
– CBR1100XX-Motorcyle for Cinema 4D R12+
– CBR1100XX-Motorcyle for 3DS-Max and 3DS-Max Design 2012+

Moveable parts on the motorcycle:
– Frontwheel : rotate
– Frontwheel with LowerFrontFork : up and down
– Backwheel : rotate , up and down
– Handlebar with FrontFork : turn left and right
– moveable brake-lever and clutch-lever
– moveable brake- and gearshiftpedal
– rotable speed-, RPM-, temp.- and fuelpointer
– movable Kickstands


Industrial Brownfield: Repair Building


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    April 3, 2013

    Once again, Blazer shines more than the sun. Oh magnificent prince, dispite my skinny purse this upload excells in it’s qualitty. Words fail my teary self. Give me a lire oh plebe, and I will sing and play tunes to your most reverend person. I will sing songs telling of thy deeds here and beyond…and they will be forevermore in the tongues of those oh so bellow you magnifient prince, us, poor leechers who never shared a crumb of bread…but alas oh prince, how to share a crumb when one has to lick it of the revered floor? How can we, poor gents intend to be equals to those such as yourself? Thy art of uploading is but magic to me, poor soul, and all I can do is follow in the shadowof your Blazing Trail…so, once more all hail to Blazer the shining light of our path.

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    April 3, 2013

    Very nice and elegant motorcycle (though I was actually hoping to get the blonde too 😀 – I wish the artists would throw them in as freebies). Thanks much!

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    April 3, 2013

    mmm motorcycles. i amazingly don’t have enough of those in my library. thank you, thank you!

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