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Ooga preferred to dress comfortably, so she can move freely, when she is hunting for food. She fashioned her clothing with twigs and vines, along with leather and furs. She also added snakeskin patchworks on her arm covers to add accents to brown leather. Her boots were designed with intertwined dried vines with bead tassles from her gemstone collection. She is a practical woman and her choice of fashion and colors were picked according to her daily activities. Whether it’s for hunting or for relaxing, Ooga does have a good fashion sense.

This set includes:

7 Conforming Clothing items, with fits for V4 ++ morphs, Elite, A4, GND4, PrettyBaseIV, Alice 5, Alice(2), and the Assassin Angel.

~ Armcovers
~ Booties
~ Hip Cloth
~ Necklace
~ Pants
~ Top
~ Waist Vines

Plus Pose Files!

~ 3 MAT & Texture options for Clothing
~ 1 Utility Pose to Magnetize (apply V4 Deformers to) the clothing.
~ 7 Utility Poses to Zero the dials in the clothing.
~ INJ/REM Pose fits for the clothing to the (GND4, Alice, Alice 5, PrettyBaseIV, Angel) 3rd party character morphs.


Shadow Warrior
Metropolitan Pack


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