Cave System

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The Cave System contains six modular cave sections that can be bent, morphed and connected to create an infinite combination of twisty passages for your characters to explore. The passages are divided lengthwise and have a flange. This makes cross section views a snap. The cutaway rock is built right into the models. There are also ten cave formation props – stalactites, stalagmites, and more – all with style and fitting morphs. You can place them wherever you like inside the Cave System or use them separately. The speleothems include four complete material sets. There are also pre-configured deformers (magnets) that allow you to add simple formations to the cave. There are two rock piles included to scatter loose stones about your cave. Two complete pre-built sets are also included. These will allow you to get right to exploring your cave system. Use these as is or as a starting point for your own cave system. The cave sections are built with exactly the same morphs and joint settings so they will match up perfectly even when bent and morphed. Simply copy the morph and pose settings from a one half to the other half and they will match up. You can place the set pieces end to end to create a long tube or use the branch pieces to create a maze. The “End” pieces are the perfect place to find a sleeping dragon or be surprised by a lurking Grue.



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