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Catacombs are subterranean passageways and rooms used for burial purposes or for storing bones from surface cemeteries. Our presentation is example of very old and deep catacombs underground. Part of complex is already beaten by surrounding nature, since some of walls have collapsed and ground surged into the passageways. There are rubble mixed with bones and skulls scattered all around. Roots of trees are protruding through the crevices. Some places are however still almost intact, walls with nooks are filled with skulls and bones. It seems that the place is forgotten and abandoned, but suddenly you notice several pyramids made of skulls or loose bones… Who made them and for what purpose? That probably remains unknown forever.

Included are:

16 props
2 multipart interior prop presets
3 dramatic light presets
4 main camera presets


Dynamic Sunset Dress V4
FC Bomber Bug

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