Castle Set 1 (for DAZ Studio)

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This is a set of 4 buildings for you to create your own fantasy or medieval castle scenes.
The smallest building, the Stable, has enough space for 2 or 3 horses.
The Main Stable includes hay bales, space for 3 or 4 horses, and an upper story where the stable staff can live.
The Kitchen building is a two-story building with an interior.

The largest building is the Castle:
There are two courtyards with buildings- the first courtyard includes the banquet hall (with interior) and a well. The second courtyard includes the king’s room, also with an interior.
The drawbridge at the front of the castle is two separate parts, which can be hidden or shown, depending on whether you want visitors or not.
A second set of stairs on the right side allows for a rear-door escape if needed.
The eight towers provide look-out posts for guards or archers and the numerous walkways allow them to quickly move between the towers.

Product Features:
* Includes the following DAZ Studio props: (dsf, duf/ png):
– Castle, at 39,516 polygons. Includes a drawbridge, buildings inside the walls, banquet hall and king`s chamber interiors, plenty of stairs, walkways, ledges, and more!
– Kitchen, at 10,560 polygons. Includes a full interior (with a chair and table) and walls which can be hidden (to see the interior).
– Main Stable, at 3,855 polygons. Includes 3 hay bales which can be rotated or repositioned.
– Stable, at 767 polygons.
* Eighteen camera files are included for use with the castle. Use these to render your scenes or use them as a starting point.


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